Books of the Month

April 2012

Lisa Fishman:: Flower Cart
Christopher Shipman:: Human-Carrying Flight Technology

March 2012

Anne Marie Rooney:: Spitshine
Ariana Reines:: Couer de Lion

February 2012

B. K. Fischer:: Mutiny Gallery
Thom Donovan:: The Hole

December 2011

Anna Moschovakis:: You and Three Others Are Approaching a Lake
Robert Fernandez:: We Are Pharaoh

November 2011

Joshua Kryah:: We Are Starved
Raul Zurita:: Song for His Disappeared Love

October 2011

Travis Mossotti:: About the Dead
Tracy K. Smith:: Life on Mars

September 2011

Marthe Reed:: Gaze
Laura Kasischke:: Space, in Chains

Summer 2011

Christian Hawkey:: Ventrakl
Norma Cole:: To Be At Music: Essays & Talks

April & May 2011

Gale Nelson:: This Is What Happens When Talk Ends
Joshua Harmon:: Le Spleen de Poughkeepsie

March 2011

Srikanth Reddy:: Voyager
Karla Kelsey:: Iteration Nets

February 2011

Thomas Sayers Ellis:: Skin, Inc.
Brian Teare:: Pleasure

Holiday Edition 2010

Julie Carr:: Of Fragments and Lines
Paul Legault:: The Madeleine Poems
Danielle Pafunda:: Iatrogenic: Their Testimonies
Alissa Nutting:: Unclean Jobs for Women and Girls
Emilio Lascano Tegui:: On Elegance While Sleeping
Two Lines:: Some Kind of Beautiful
Sir Thomas Browne:: Urn Burial
Abelfattah Kilito:: The Clash of Images
Marjorie Perloff:: Unoriginal Genius

October 2010

Keetje Kuipers:: Beautiful in the Mouth
Ben Doller:: Dead Ahead

September 2010

Graham Foust:: A Mouth in California
Josie Sigler:: Living Must Bury

August 2010

William Carlos Williams:: Selected Poems
Wallace Stevens:: The Collected Poems

July 2010

Molly Bendall & Gail Wronsky:: Bling & Fringe
Chris Tonelli:: The Trees Around

June 2010

Neil de la Flor:: Almost Dorothy
Anne Carson:: Nox

May 2010

Andrew K. Peterson:: The Museum of Thrown Objects
Marilyn Chin:: The Phoenix Gone, The Terrace Empty

April 2010

Edip Cansever:: Dirty August
Mark McMorris:: EntrepĂ´t

March 2010

Elena Fanailova:: The Russian Version
Tom Raworth:: Earn Your Milk

February 2010

Michelle Taransky:: Barn Burned, Then
Barbara Guest:: The Collected Poems
Christian Bok:: Eunoia
Marjorie Perloff:: The Sound of Poetry/The Poetry of Sound
Donald Revell:: The Bitter Withy
Will Alexander:: The Sri Lankan Loxodrome