204.1: Robert G. Elekes:: Biofilm & Panopticon CFR & Endodontia IV (The Dream)
25 July 2016
Months ago, when the cat was sick with a cold, she got a treat—chunky canned food in thick sauce—instead of her usual weight-control dry food mix. The saucer of wet food sat in a place on the floor where she doesn’t usually get food, a reminder that this was a special event. Tonight she returns to that spot on the floor and sniffs around, meows, looks up at me with her big yellow eyes. She waits, unsure of what for. In these poems by Romanian writer Robert G. Elekes, everyone is waiting for the ghost of some comfort. The dead wait for the living to join them, while the living are “embalmed in now” waiting on a train car. These poems seduce with surreal imagery and dreamlike logic, conflating the worlds of the living and the dead, dreaming and waking, childhood innocence and adult sensibilities.
204.2: Robert G. Elekes:: A Conversation with Robert G. Elekes
27 July 2016