187.1: Rebecca Foust:: The Market & Bar Method Class & Spin Class & Your Mind is a Puppy & Mr. and Mrs. Greed Bicker in Public
10 August 2015
I have a guilty pleasure. Other poets should share this with me. There is a podcast in Santa Cruz, hosted by Dennis Morton, and it is all things poetry for the show’s length (an hour or so). I have listened to every episode, then and now. The interviews with Robert Bly and August Kleinzahler are wonderful. However, there are other, more special moments when Dennis abstains from authors and features and instead reads poems that he just happens to love. Many of these poems were narratively remarkable, stunning, and, sometimes, obscure and wild. After a period of binging through his podcasts, I remembered Morton’s frequent love for poems by Rebecca Foust. It is my pleasure to introduce Foust for today's feature and to talk with her further in Wednesday's interview. I feel that the work and her ideas on poetry speak for themselves. Her latest book, Paradise Drive, is a splendid negotiation and achievement with the sonnet. Experimental but true to the form. Hilarious and wild in the collection’s revelations.
187.2: Rebecca Foust:: A Conversation with Rebecca Foust
12 August 2015
"You just have to do what you can and not get paralyzed or thrown in to despair by the vastness of what you cannot do. Or so Pilgrim decides..."