163.1: Meryl DePasquale:: When Her Robe is Unfurled, She will Show You the World
2 December 2013
In the old song, “Lydia the Tattooed Lady” could give you a tour of the world and a history lesson to boot with the pictures inked across her body. In Meryl DePasquale’s riff off the old Groucho Marx ditty, the tattooed lady gives us an historical tour through the world of tattooed ladies—their innerworkings and the ways in which they are perceived. There’s nothing surprising among the stories of women’s bodies as consumable or as for sale, but through the lens of the inherently sexual, penetrative and proprietary nature of tattoos, DePasquale’s tales disrupt our familiarity with these stories. As readers, we step up to the sideshow tent and look deep inside.