141.1: Devon Branca:: Tape of “Jesus Explains What He Learned About Being Human, Prior To Explaining What It Felt Like To Be A Sea Horse” & The Children’s Theater, 1985-87 & A Black Cat, a Table, a Wrist Full of Copper Bracelets & A Porcelain Figurine in Our Blocked Airway; or, A Poem of Winter, 1937
6 May 2013
I have a new phone and none of my contacts made it over. A weird thing has begun happening – I receive thoughtful, intimate text messages from friends and am not able to place them. When I was a kid I knew my friends’ numbers; now, maybe, with Google and the area code I can suss out a vague idea of who might have sent a text. Of course I could just ask, but sometimes it’s nice to show up at the Cineplex and be surprised. I have to keep myself amused. Yesterday, when preparing Devon Branca’s introduction, I received this text: “You were in my long weird dream. Something about babysitting a kid before he moved to Helsinki, a parade, a house that had lots of ladders and lofts, and little bright plastic animals.”