121.1: John Latta:: Tenacity and Release & Stuff and Fixity
5 November 2012
In anticipation of writing this introduction, I looked up biographies of John Latta. I read about his travels to France, his extensive experience with bookbinding, a childhood spent in what he calls the “Jack pine savage” part of Michigan. But what struck me most about Latta’s biography is the number and diversity of the jobs he’s taken on over the years. Only a poet with experience as a janitor and as editor for Early English Books Online could produce the work we showcase in this issue of The Offending Adam. Yes, it would be easy for me to label these poems fun, playful, eccentric, and erudite; but what’s more difficult for me to describe is the way that Latta has gotten to know each of his sentences.
121.2: Randall Horton:: A Door to Another Ending
8 November 2012