119.1: Joshua Kryah:: Holy Ghost People
22 October 2012
Joshua Kryah invokes scripture to evoke authority. What he delivers in “Holy Ghost People,” however, is not declaration but oration. The act of speaking is more important than any other in this work. If you don’t believe me, just read it out loud. Seriously, I’ll wait.
119.2: B. K. Fischer:: A Conversation with B. K. Fischer
24 October 2012
"The poem has to have, to make, some kind of appeal, to function as entreaty and enticement. I try the best I can to write evocatively, and to find and publish evocative writing, and what that means is a moving target. I’m not afraid of difficulty, and I’m also not afraid of clarity. Each poem, each project, each occasion for poems or book of poems, demands mystery and accessibility in different measure..."
119.3: Tory Adkisson:: Little Boxes Made of Darkness and Light
25 October 2012