117.1: Wendy Xu and Leora Fridman:: Of Horse and Back & Part / Flails But & Or Beside Me & Toy Or/ Tricycle & Back to Back
8 October 2012
Collaboration between poets is a refreshing and wonderful process. So un-American. So antithetical to the poetry-industrial-complex (yes, that word makes me laugh as I write it) of careerism, bitterness against “McPoems” from the MFA schools, and the shameless self-promotion that any writer in America must, sadly, succumb to in order to be mildly successful. Instead, collaboration is a wonderful and healthy antidote to all of that noxious brouhaha. These collaborations between Wendy Xu and Leora Fridman are rich in detail and personality, taking wonderful imaginative leaps line-by-line and sentence-by-sentence. In “Back to Back Because It Never Actually Happened” we get a piece that, if we take the title at face value, is a declaration of a lie. This is important because much of the poem seems to rely heavily on admission and testimony:
117.2: Tory Adkisson:: Prodigal Queering: When Fathers are Lovers
11 October 2012