112.1: Elena Karina Byrne:: Alchemy & Marriage & Voyeur Hour, 8 PM & Voyeur Hour, 6 PM & Richard Tuttle Behind Artist Richard Tuttle
3 September 2012
Alchemy: from Old French alkemie; from Medieval Latin alkimia; from Arabic al-kīmiyā’; from Ancient Greek χημεία or chēmeia, possibly from the Ancient Greek name for Egypt: Χημία or Chēmia, black earth. Alchemy, as in: "The ancient search for a universal panacea, and of the philosopher's stone, that eventually developed into chemistry." Or, as Elena Karina Byrne begins: "Your own. / Benediction joy joy." Alchemy, as in: "The causing of any sort of of mysterious sudden transmutation." Or: "Now the leaving silver, the returned lover, / rain-water out o'door, now mix with // spotted, dapple donkey Quixote, feather / fetish dust-pinch, childhood fever, orchid wig, your waking flesh…" Alchemy, as in: "Any elaborate transformation process or algorithm." Or, "Hi….Hi, Hi, Hi, Eye, I, I, I, I, I…" Throughout these poems, Byrne enacts the alchemy that is poem-making, an alchemy of words like "stars" and "voodoo doll" and "universe" combining into a line like "Stars are just tiny stick pins in the voodoo doll of the universe." Whether it is a poem on alchemy, marriage, the actions of a voyeur, or an ekphrastic account of a Richard Tuttle exhibition, Byrne's poems combine, break up, and recombine words into a poetic sum that exceeds its separate parts.
112.2: Kelli Anne Noftle:: Kissing Georg Trakl: How I Found Christian Hawkey in a Shopping Bag
6 September 2012