111.1: Gail Wronsky & Chuck Rosenthal:: Once my air is out, water won’t matter & Every woman in the world, we all live in fear & Making a decision like that would scare anyone & A spaceship from where? From outer space. & There’s not a drop of booze left in this house & Who am I to stand in the way of science?
2 July 2012
One could argue that the merits of found poetry often depend upon the source text. Erasures and recalibrations of science journals, literary masterpieces, or the circuitous mumblings of a former Secretary of Defense may exemplify the extent and worth of the artistic license. This week, however, Gail Wronsky and Chuck Rosenthal collaborate on a series of found poems that have as their source material selected bits of dialogue from cultish science-fiction films from the 1950’s and 1960’s. Where do B-Movies go to die? In this series, they become poems, composites of otherwise unconnected dialogue that form a larger and mysterious ontology of wonder and hilarity. Take the quirky “A space ship from where? From outer space”: