100.1: Erica Anzalone:: Red on Maroon & Booby Trap & Hysteria with Hummer & Muir
16 April 2012
Who is Erica Anzalone? Rumor has it she’s the premier designer of sonnets–if you want a sonnet that packs a knife in one pocket and a comb in the other. For those of us who like our poems gritty and gorgeous, these sonnets are a revelation. They pick us up with Rothko, Bolshevism, sharksuits. They seem to have practiced the couplet many times before they took us out. And they drive a fourteen line convertible so you can feel the wind in your hair. When Anzalone’s sonnets finally get to the Hollywood sign and show you the whole city from above, they deliver a line you didn’t even know you had been waiting for your entire life. A line like “The rainbow I chewed up and then I spit it back.” Or maybe “…he knew how hope / was little more than antifreeze in an old // jalopy.” What can I say? These sonnets have swept me off my feet. There’s just no way I’m getting home by midnight.