083.1: Craig Santos Perez:: “Nånan Tåno` is calling for you”: Four Contemporary Chamoru Poets
24 October 2011
In “Signs of Being: A Chamoru Spritual Journey,” acclaimed Chamoru writer Cecilia “Lee” Perez writes: “I always come back to the idea of cultural survival. We are here. We are now. But what is it that brought us, as a people, to this point? Despite years of governance by colonial powers, our language and our ways persevere. We are not pickled, preserved, or frozen in time. We are not measurable or validated by blood quantum, ethnic breakdown, physical characteristics or DNA. We are vital, and vitalized by our tenacity and joined inner strength." Join us this week as guest editor Craig Santos Perez presents a contemporary Chamoru poet each day this week, Monday through Thursday.
083.2: Lehua Taitano:: Banana Queen & Letters from an Island
24 October 2011
083.3: Clarissa Mendiola:: Hyperacusis & Epilogue & Vestibulum
25 October 2011
083.4: Kisha Borja-Kicho`cho`:: Nu i Che`lu-hu Palao`an & Sitting in History
26 October 2011
083.5: Anghet Hoppe-Cruz:: Red
27 October 2011