070.1: Helen Vitoria:: Athena & Atlas & Narcissus
11 July 2011
In her poem “Athena”, Helen Vitoria writes of a repertoire that might “redeem/the skills of/vase painters”. I interpret this redemption as a vitalization, a way of raising the line, color, and shape of mythical painting into the complex and thorny realm of human experience. Though Vitoria’s poetry is many things, it first and foremost redeems the mythical past: each poem plumbs the mists, the murky and slippery depths of literary imagination, and pulls out the shards of a broken collection. From these bits and pieces, Vitoria manages to add the boldness of sensory detail, psychological nuance, irony, the Janus-faced emotion that is frustration in one direction, yearning in another.
070.2: The Offending Adam:: A Summer Holiday
12 July 2011
To those readers who have faithfully read along with us throughout our second year of publication, and to those readers who have just arrived for the first time, we thank you for making our publication successful and enjoyable. With summer in full swing, and friends and family taking time out of their busy lives to enjoy a few moments of rest and respite from the heat, we here at The Offending Adam are likewise hitting the pause button for a brief two week sojourn. So fear not, dear readers: TOA returns with its usual force Monday, August 1. Until then, here are a selection of works that we have published in the first half of 2011, to either read for the first time if you missed them, or to rediscover.