068.1: Eric Kocher:: The Objects of Migration & Buffaloes Watching & Silkworm Pheremonal
27 June 2011
This beautiful and elegiac triptych of poems by Eric Kocher is saturated with empathy, love, sadness, and loss. Reading them, one may be tempted to recall the works of Marianne Moore, whose poems of linear breadth and syllabic expansion frequently paid homage to the animal kingdom, though Kocher’s work sings from a place more desperate, more urgent, and more sorrowful that one may also be tempted to recall Merwin as well. Where Kocher's work stands apart from predecessors is through unexpected rolls of syntactical disruption and rhythmic cadence. If he is a poet counting in syllabics, then he is able to avoid the tinny clap that can accompany syllabic verse. Instead, I am convinced that Kocher’s work is motivated by strong lines and strong imagery that reinforces the rhythm, as in “Silkworm Pheremonal”: