061.1: MC Hyland:: Here the top of a tower & Where are we going? & As though another country & we walk to the barren beach… & A bead forest within the river
9 May 2011
As a poetic element, caesura seems relegated to misty forests and bearded, solemn storytellers. MC Hyland’s poetry demands that we reconsider the caesura in all of its strangeness, beauty, and danger. As absence, the caesura is many things: an awkward pause between insistence and response; a white gap between predication and discovery; the sutures of a shattered life stitched back together. In this generous selection of poems, Hyland incorporates the caesura to fit all of these roles. Her landscapes vary so quickly that one could be in a beach or a theater in the same line. Her words shift their senses, so that a sky’s darkening flocks.