037.1: The Offending Adam:: Best of the Web Nominees
11 October 2010
One of the purposes of this journal is to focus on each individual piece of content we publish. We write an introduction for each piece to indicate the relationship we have with the writing. There is not one piece that has been published on this website that we are not proud of and honored to be able to present. In light of this, the task of choosing a selection as our representatives for awards anthologies presented a difficult task. When we have created our own unique relationship with each piece, how do we go about choosing favorites? When Dzanc asked us to do precisely this and nominate three pieces for their annual Best of the Web series, we were both excited and flummoxed. Excited to share and celebrate some of the wonderful work we have been lucky enough to publish. Flummoxed to have to select from all the pieces that we admire so much.