031.1: Neil de la Flor:: Vireo Gilvus
30 August 2010
The warbling vireo, Vireo gilvus, is known for its unique song, which the Cornell Lab of Ornithology describes as "a rapid jumble of rising and falling notes." This description also fits the featured writing by Neil de la Flor, which creates a poetic warbling, constantly changing and varying notes, tone, mood, and approach. The warbling of de la Flors’ poem, however, is not the lyric beauty of the stereotypical poems inspired by birdsong. This poem does not have the lines, rhythm, and most importantly song expected of lyricism. Instead of the perfect arrival of a beautiful spring, we read: "Meta enjoyed sex and a lack of context". The food is not the scrumptious, juicy berries found in the bushes at the side of the dirt road in the forest at the edge of the meadow, but burgers from McDonald's.