027.1: Adam Strauss:: 2 & 8 & 12
2 August 2010
Adam Strauss seems to answer everything in the first line of his first poem below: "Because I am". In some sense we could stop here, because what else is there? To stop here, though, would be to miss what makes existence the wonderful happening that it is: to be obsessed by the glam-ness of John Ashbery, to see the exact hues that Paul Cezanne painted with, to drink oolong tea, to consider the necessity of the moon, to think of Barbara Guest in the lines "...but, dear now, 'as full as store' / Remains and an emphasis / Falls and the more / It does...". In these poems, stopping is not an option. The world moves and things change and the mind continues to think. In a series of line-by-line, phrase-by-phrase tangential, projective moves, Strauss takes us over vast tracts of space, from an obsession with John Ashbery to wine lists to one's nerves; from a wombat to looking out a window to silence eclipsing speech; from responsibility to losing a moon to resuming small talk.