020.1: David Welch:: Nude w/ Pitcher, Pablo Picasso, Oil on Canvas, 1904 & Some Difference
14 June 2010
I am very familiar with David Welch's poetry, as I have been following him for the last five years or so. In fact, I thought of David sometime ago, circa 2006, when I was house-sitting for a family I befriended that lived in Topanga, California. The family was teaching in India, and they had a coffee table book of Magritte's poems in their living room. Before you think what you're about to think, let me say that yes, of course, poets often try to emulate the visual arts in their poems. Larry Levis wrote beautiful poems about a Koudelka photograph and Carvaggio, many poets love Edward Hopper and rightly so, Parmigiano's wonderful canvas yielded John Ashbery's epic "Self-Portrait in a Convex Mirror", and Terrance Hayes is a gifted painter who writes some rather incredible poems. We, poets and visual artists, are allies in the same fight and we trade weapons to generate new kinds of aesthetic achievement.