016.1: Alexander Long:: Still Life with Issa at the Gates & Still Life with Lenny Bruce in Jail & Prayer #34
17 May 2010
Looking at the body of his work, and these three poems in particular, the subject matter of Alexander Long's poems sometimes tends towards icons and individuals who carry a particular mystique about them—persons who raise contempt and pity in us at once, who have often self-destructed too early or in horrible fashion, and who have made their impressions felt on us immediately and heavily. In "Still Life with Lenny Bruce in Jail" he goes after the adored and scandalous Lenny Bruce a comedian who was publicly revered by the late greats, George Carlin and Richard Pryor.
016.2: Craig Santos Perez:: Written with a Hand of the Tremor
19 May 2010
"These postcard meditations call into question what America means by 'we,' and why many feel that the presence of immigrants means there isn’t enough barbed wire to keep them ('us') out."