Siel Ju

Siel Ju lives in Santa Monica, Calif. More of her recent work has been published or is forthcoming in Denver Quarterly, Drunken Boat, Spoon River Poetry Review, LIT, Otoliths, and other journals. Previously an avid blogger, she now keeps an ill-maintained website at


Unaware I’d been waitingwallet in hand
for your the balustrade
We bathed in boiling oceanswe ate
frozen sunlight, washeddown the strip swinging
hands in bleached a tune called
A blue tulip for your thoughts.razor
To your ear I simperedmenacing
obsequities: sell mecredit lines and
your expensive taste.I was afraid
You know I’m goodto stop
for it.

Like It’s 1984

Our affections ossifiedat financial traumas
a petrified closed circuit.we smirked with
The boy who exhortedthe heavies
against mental masturbationthe only catastrophes
we began callingexisted in the ledgers of
The Great Masturbator.a memory wiped
Our collusions were contingenton paper trails
on etymological retreatswe looked slim
a thesaurus thinned bysolvent consumers
two hacksaws. When heafter all
pulled I saw toothsparks.


When he asked for lobstersoup and salad
he got dry chicken too.made from scratch
I wanted to show himI can clean up
my abject obediencein a bebe LBD
with no hint of obeisancebootcamp body
Everything stole time.bought on my dime
He took his, measured me out.halved and quartered
I hid the parsleyslightly wilted
under the red boleroI julienned my paycheck
then wore it as a corsageate it raw
when he sniffed me out.