[a last primer]

A          alpha means trouble

B          an old truck and a dirt road

C          isn’t a bird, but you already knew that

D          an eternal curse

E          doesn’t matter no matter what they say

F          the way it hangs like meat on a hook

G          there’s no such thing

H          silent till it wants to scare you

I          won’t play anymore

[earth people]

if you’re watching this, you know what we did
how chatter hunts your dens and warrens

rough letter
of its breath


[rebel, inc.]

Failing the firm scratch
the sulfurous line

igniting globe
planetary match

what’s to lose?

Opposition’s sexy
and the Swiss’ll
guard your cash

Ruler of Ash?

[a gala event]

maybe that’s the way
three quick blows
to mark wall P

then gone, a taunting letter
scent lingering
under the noses of soldiers

stumbling to halt
before the line of ladies
curtsying their gentlemen

oh to be an empty gesture
the foiled search
dashing bow