146.1: Jeff Tigchelaar:: The #4 Jason Voorhees definition on Urbandictionary.com & The Enduring Power of Julia Child & Kenny Rogers 146

I've become the de facto pop culture editor here on the team. If a celebrity makes an appearance in a poem, that poem falls squarely into my box—give it to Nik-ey, he’ll like it. And I do. It allows me to contemplate why these figures, here in Jeff Tigchelaar’s selection this week, play such a powerful role in our consciousnesses. These are poems that are easily dismissed as punch lines, light and airy—think of it, our funny friends are usually the first to be sold short—but those of us who have attempted to write humor know how hard it is, how it takes a deft and sharp mind, how the concept of ‘timing’ in a poem is both an innate skill of the poet and something that takes immense practice and craft.

“Kenny Rogers” is a fine example of this—a poem so short, so tight, and so concise, that its smarts are quite deceptive, effortless even, yet the poem yields itself to countless rereadings. In its tautology, the poem touches upon what it means to know and be one’s self. One day we choose and one day we are, nothing more, and nothing less, exactly what we were meant to be. Celebrity figures allow us the touch stone, a space to enter the poem, a shared assumption between poet and reader, that Tigchelaar then uses to manipulate not only our knowledge of that figure but that of our selves. Nik De Dominic

The #4 Jason Voorhees definition on Urbandictionary.com

person 1: lets hav premarital sex n drink beer n smoke pot
person 2: ok


person 2: i hear some thing
jason voorhees: *goes on rampage n kills them both in sick evil ways*

The Enduring Power of Julia Child

                    – Program Guide, WOUB-TV (PBS/Ohio University), June 2007: Collage

Dive into a heaping helping of
Van Gogh, painting
The pork barbeque capital of the world,
Sweeping him to the edge of madness:
Memphis, Tennessee.
The moment, for Picasso,
Led to the enduring power of
Julia Child.

Anne Shirley arrives at the Cuthberts’ farm on Prince Edward Island,
Located in northwest New Mexico – perhaps the only site in the world
Constructed in an elaborate pattern that mirrors the yearly cycle of the sun.
With Lionel’s father and stepmother off yak-riding in Mongolia,
A slasher slaying at the circus gets pinned on Castries the knife-thrower.
But then Archie the clown is implicated.
Mrs. Bradley probes
The canyon
And becomes “bosom” friends with Diana Barry.
It seems Anne is destined to cultivate disaster.

Competing neck and neck with Gilbert Blythe,
The boys do their wurst for the Possum Lake Sausage Carnival. Meanwhile,
Mrs. Bradley probes
Julia Child,
Desperate to be loved and highly sensitive about her red hair –
A virtual celestial calendar, spanning
An area roughly the size of Ireland.
Setting high expectations for all students is important, particularly for young people
Competing neck and neck with Gilbert Blythe.

A precocious, romantic child,
Mrs. Bradley probes
The paternity
Of a college-bound culture
Fondly remembered for introducing French cuisine to American home cooks,
Which may hold a clue to the killings.

Everyone panics when the lodge runs out of duct tape

Kenny Rogers

When, at 10, Kenny Rogers grew his first and only beard,
people said to him, “You look like Kenny Rogers.”
The beard was stark white from the get-go. “Hey,
it’s Kenny Rogers,” people kept saying.
Kenny took this to heart
and stayed with the look for the rest of his life.
He kept telling himself: I am Kenny Rogers.