120.5: Diana Arterian:: Last Words of the Condemned 120

To the Public

The crimes of this
guilty land will never

be purged away –
I want the press

to know this. We
are the first victims.

I was in a lot of pain
I was bleeding

profusely. I regret
I have but

one life.
Remember the death

penalty with blood.
It’s in God’s

hands now…
If any of you got

a message, give it.

*John Brown, Bennie Demps, Robert Drew, Lavinia Fisher, Thomas J. Grasso, Ethel Rosenberg, Nat Turner

To Those of the Law

Good people,
be more powerful

than the voices
you strangle today

the blood you
are going to shed.

The time will come
never visited

when I silence those
who have occasioned

my death, my fate.

*William Corder, Barbara Graham, Louis XVI, August Spies