102.1: Andrew K. Peterson:: from occasional landscapes 102

In this poetic series, Andrew K. Peterson probes the interplay between individuality/isolation and community through his observations of life in Harvard Square. Beginning with Hanna Weiner's statement that "[w]e have unknown collaborators," he looks out on this microcosm with a compassionate and engaging eye. As observations and images progress and accumulate, he asks us to participate in the world–both the recollections and images of his world embodied within the poem and our own outside of the poem–as simultaneously observer and participant. We become hyper-aware of our dual state as individual separate from our surroundings and as communal participant with both the world and our fellow individuals. Peterson makes his own way by writing alone though writing of others; writing alone though writing to others; and writing alone though embracing others. All the while, he has faith that we will find our form of participation and become individual collaborators. He, with us accompanying, can then approach periodic moments of ecstatic clarity, where instead of a cluttered mind, we find honed attention allowing us to draw "a complete blank" and create that "statement releasing history / as vacancy." Andrew Wessels

from occasional landscapes

“…I wanted to create the feeling that people all over the world were doing a related thing at a related time, although they would be doing it individually, without an audience and without knowledge of what others were doing. It is an act of faith. We have unknown collaborators…”
          –Hannah Weiner


Passerby tells beggar his sign’s upside down

(“Up yours”) Passes
by changeless, self-congratulatory turns

oblivious, the driver, stranger,
noses into, thinking it traffic,
funeral procession –
reluctant mourner –

Run Apps Together. You’re welcome

too tired for thinking anymore’s  an answer?

“there’s zero percent chance   nothing’s going on”*


Going to have to do something about:


C.C. Rider

“you may think I’m black but I’m green”

Parts (recycled)

Leather parts (recycled animal choruses)

walking up & down
there, waking up
here “Why not take all of me?”


“A sign is not a sign of something, but of an effect which is what assumes as such the functioning of the signifier,” notes Lacan; “Smoke is nothing but the sign of the smoker.”

misread generics
“soulever” – French,
above, “to lift”
as “soul lever”
Downtown Crossing
cold string horn tandem
Forever Changes
in its entirety

JUKE     chrysanthemums
false memory’s
torn chucks –


On hearing a coworker complain about an elderly customer who continuously clears her throat passing through aisles stooped under heavy bags

R’s mechanism
of action’s agitated contempt?
lacking compassion? but labeling
counting coughs & hopefully
counting lessens anger?

later decide whether I’d rather listen to her clearing / his complaints about
hate in counter-transference

VOLUMES in values of bodies in flux
crowds below the cloud in an egg

[[ world coughs ]]

The Wind That Shakes The Barley          →

Glistening          →

T-Bone Walker          skip          ←          skip          ←          Amos Milburn

“it takes an ocean not to break”


response in pitching drops of ice

a statement releasing history
as vacancy

night and its tests
also being carried out on their bodies

rained down on roofs and cars in

A blue stain
spreading taking in vacancy instead –

“the wolverines moved quickly”


“really the city and amiable as it is, part of it probably seattle or portland
My childhood memory / best because it’s
Anything I want it be and full of dinky trees / and mystery.”

admit to missing one
to the one I only met twice?

Response a vague affirmation  →    no aspiration


Null set  &

Big limp flag


I’ve finally done it! drawn a complete blank!
except sleep smell + food in beard
cottony substance in wind, dumpster bees
If they have that jazz record I want
Imagined A then N on a plane to Portland
pleasant sting of sunned skin
caffeine jaw, itchy nose hair, unreceived accolades
On a dirt white truck) driving distractions into
Random synapse uncorks old line of if-reasoning
poised by lazy Monday clouds
still a reason for like adding up doubles
by that     I guess I mean everything
put your notebook away, damn it you’ll kill us all !
(driving ) whistle at    radio, think about   Swing Time

LIVERY                      LOVE +                WHO’S

COMMUNICATION                       YOUR


& other moments in incomplete stereo


Tired of these tendencies ,  the take
    take    of your seat

 (rain over)
grass                          spreading
the spokes


From Brown to Blue
of the world’s
there must be
an order
where this pain is
you can sing it,”

let us not ask
The word
what it is – in
‘does it
bring me
a hold, various
of a dark

Editor’s note: Section 10 was previously published by Fact-Simile in the A SH Anthology.