089.2: The Offending Adam:: A Moment of Rest 089

To those readers who have faithfully read along with us now into our eighty-ninth issue, and to those readers arriving for the first time, we thank you for making this second year of publication successful and enjoyable. With the holidays fast approaching, and friends and family taking time out of their busy lives to enjoy a few moments of rest and community, we here at The Offending Adam are likewise hitting the pause button so that we can fully enjoy the holiday season. Fear not, though, dear readers: TOA returns with punch and power Monday, February 6. Until then, here are a selection of works that we have published in 2011, to either read for the first time if you missed them, or to rediscover. The Offending Adam
A good place to begin perusing our 2011 publications is with our recently announced Pushcart Prize nominees Jaswinder Bolina, Randall Horton, Amorak Huey, Lauren Ireland, Keetje Kuipers, and Johnathon Williams.

During the year, we published a number of special issues. Our First Anniversary Issue celebrated the beginning of our 2011 publication schedule. Word & Image investigated ekphrasis and the relationship verbal and visual representation. The Tuscaloosa Issue presented writing on Tuscaloosa in order to call attention to the vital need for aid and support after tornadoes devastated the city and the region. Four Contemporary Chamoru Poets, guest edited by Craig Santos Perez, presented the wide range of Chamoro experience, aesthetics, and cultural identity.

Some issues brought translations from the Chinese of Yang Zi, collaborative work by Sara Maclay and Holaday Mason, and essays on Tao Lin by Jennifer Moore and on memorability by Mark Irwin.

Spring brought with it the second installment in our Chapvelope series of publications. Selections from Chapvelope Two by Gillian Conoley and Joshua Marie Wilkinson were also published in the journal.

And then there were a number of contributions that delighted, surprised, and challenged us: Rebecca Lindenberg, MC Hyland, H.L. Hix, Mark Irwin, Sean Thomas Dougherty, Erin Martin, Shamala Gallagher, Charlotte Pence, Jeff Downey, Liam O’Brien, Frank Giampetro, and Saba Razvi.

This is, of course, just a haphazard overview of some of the work we were lucky enough to curate during the year. Many more delightful issues filled with content are always ready for new readers and for old readers to rediscover.