047.3: Kelli Anne Noftle:: On Adam 047

Adam is adam is Adam is

I dated you both at the same time:

Adam the taxonomist
Adam the expelled

I dated you both at the same time in order to know the difference

I slept in your beds
and ate your cereal in the middle of the night

one of you was sleeping
one of you walked
into your sleep

Adam the signified
Adam the significant

I remember the night adam pounded
on my door and adam
was in his car half a mile from my house

Adam with the full beard
Adam with the tinted glasses

I panicked

Do you want to write? Do you want to

fold a thing up to be another thing
getting anything to be inside anything

I wore your jackets around your houses

Adam wool blazer
Adam faded blue hoodie

It was significant
It was a reference to

the hole in the doughnut the apple in the dumpling

Adam mechanic
Adam pallbearer

I held your names before your bodies as long as I could

Adam the quiet
Adam the quisling

I held your names out, in front of your bodies,
and made you dance toward them


dancing like any
thing wanting
its shape back

Adam the objective
Adam the continuous

I dated you both at the same time
to form a whole idea
from parts
the picture

Adam of desire
Adam of black Fridays

I wanted to write:

remember a piano bench under the weight of two human bodies
a tree branch under the nest of a swallow

to gain perception
see Adam,

I had a life outside the garden

I wrote apples are oranges
I knew

how many adams
does it take
to empty the trash
unclog the drain

Adam I remember adam

pointing to your
self which is exactly
the same
as pointing to anything at all
I suppose

I wanted to write

the love of naming
is lost on


the love of making
in a system is which
will you take to bed

which noun
makes you happier

Note: Italicized lines are from Gertrude Stein’s “Portraits and Repetition,” published in Lectures in America.