047.1: Mark Yakich:: On Consideration 047

Happy 2011! In celebration of the new year and the beginning of our second year of publication, The Offending Adam returns with a special first-anniversary issue. Join us this week as contributors from last year turn their sights on some of the principals of our publication: “On Consideration” & “On Offending” & “On Adam”. Monday features Mark Yakich; Tuesday, Craig Santos Perez; Wednesday, Kelli Anne Noftle; and Thursday, Dan Beachy-Quick. The Offending Adam

On Consideration

I don’t know if it works out
The way most people want.
It’s very difficult, for example,
To watch someone else extract
A broken wine glass from the garbage
Disposal. And yet it’s oddly satisfying
To dig out those same shards yourself.
One by one, tenderly, until a finger’s
Pricked. As a method of penitence,
It rarely soothes. As a display of
Affection, it’s nearly foolproof.