040.2: The Offending Adam:: A Holiday Book List 040

We here at The Offending Adam consider ourselves so lucky both to be a part of the literary community in our various ways, as well as to have so many loyal readers come here to make this journal a vibrant space for literature. We now invite you to browse nine books that have impressed or excited us, in the hopes that some of them might find a home either with your friends and loved ones or, also, on your own book shelf. The Offending Adam
As winter and holiday season approach, many journals and magazines and newspapers come out with various “best of” lists. We find these a little silly, not because they aren’t fun to peruse, but because of the presumptuous idea that one can, in such a short time span, create some sort of hierarchy. However, the one thing these lists do accomplish that we approve of is helping guide readers to new books, to exciting books, to books that deserve readers. We already, every month, select two books to highlight in our store. For the holiday season, we are expanding our suggestions in two ways: we are listing nine books and we are listing books outside of the realm of poetry, including prose and fiction selections as well.

We hope that you are also excited by some of these books and choose to read them. For those of you who have enjoyed the content that this journal has provided over the course of the year, we encourage you to purchase the below books and all of your holiday shopping by beginning through our own links to Amazon. We receive a small percentage of each sale, which funds the journal and allows us to continue to bring you vibrant literary offerings each week. Any item, be it book, DVD, or silver plated serving dish, that you purchase after clicking on one of our links passes that small percentage on to us. Without further delay, we present a suggested holiday reading list:

Books of the Month:: Special Holiday Edition




Julie Carr::

Of Fragments and Lines

Alissa Nutting::

Unclean Jobs for Women and Girls

Sir Thomas Browne::

Urn Burial


Paul Legault::

The Madeleine Poems

Emilio Lascano Tegui::

On Elegance While Sleeping

Abelfattah Kilito::

The Clash of Images


Danielle Pafunda::

Iatrogenic: Their Testimonies

Two Lines::

Some Kind of Beautiful Signal

Marjorie Perloff::

Unoriginal Genius

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