021.4: John Gallaher:: Cake for the Groom:: Part IV 021

"And then you have to deal with your friends’ choice in promises/and apologies. It’s a dangerous business,/as always. Even with the baker of your desire./And the season is forever for the rest of the week." John Gallaher

Cake for the Groom:: Part IV

It’s Everywhere You Want to Be!

On our way toward what we’re thinking about today,
we picked up some suggestions. Everything that’s left
is over there by the gadgets. We’ll never feel secure,
we fear. No matter what we say
to everyone else. This is quite a large wedding cake I did, even so.
The layers consist of small boats in the calm
spreading out. “You can come to the reception, can’t you?”
Mrs. Cloppart asks, “as I’ve fallen and I can’t stop
talking about myself.” We went to operas on rain and lake
but conversation ground us down. No one ever dared
leave the Tupperware Home Party back then.
“I couldn’t possibly give the details,” Bob said,
looking over his left shoulder apprehensively.
No response is necessary. No date was specified.

Then the news hits the wire
and we all stare at each other like monkeys.
“We’ll have supper here unless you want to leave,”
Adam and Dawn say. When they say “we” they mean “you,”
of course. So what we know of them’s always approximate
and incomplete, looking each other over,
out on the porch, making things up on the spot.

The complexion of the subdivision changes as the cortege climbs up
over the shoulder of the future
now. And how do you like the new decor?
The interest that developed between the two of them was not lost
on the other members of the wedding party,
or the intermittent breaks of caprock. Ambling this evening,
it’s high, spectacular country,
with an easy entree that the whole gang can enjoy. It’s from this prospect
that a region of homes makes its mark by building big
in the rolling blackouts.
And then you have to deal with your friends’ choice in promises
and apologies. It’s a dangerous business,
as always. Even with the baker of your desire.
And the season is forever for the rest of the week.

Carol asks me if I want some cake. Can you imagine that? After everything
we’ve been through? Then it’s night again,
but that’s just a phase we’re going through.
It’s a yearlong requirement.
It can look like great stillness and clarity, as we stood there admiring it
for some time. So white. It’s as if the band still loved us,
there with the dancing couples. Look at them go.
“Bye, everybody!” they seem to say. “It’s been grand!”