006.4: Andrew K. Peterson:: Part IV from Bonjour Meriwether and the Rabid Maps 006

"We are busy being observed in other words."

Part IV

38°N 53′ 57.48″ / 77°W 02′ 52.66″

Timbre a scaffolding to the sun’s hauling this gang of one. We are them
fools tying strings through trees and skins. To keep brave and going.

You let me reach inside your shoe to remove a rock, a duty I
oblige with care. To the great evening channels of love’s silent
disorder and other marks our savage affections.

In a beautiful opposite.

38°N 53′ 50.99″ / 77°W 02′ 52.47″

We are busy being observed in other words. Three stones
in a glass as close as two can be this skin to its opinion.

Can’t they, even. A way: miles from home, smoke
pouring from our inventions (patents pending).

So easy to feel, more so than crossing climb the channeled mouth.

And dream of. Parking wind
by the river, small quantity discharging currants pass through. All things
arranged, both for peace for war.

We form one for our gleaming coexistence, our lemon, our rose.

33°N 38′ 9.03″ / 111°W 45′ 8.71″

We dream to receive what is given to live in warm resign perpetual
spins unreachable high atop
flaming poles. In other words, a great reverence of stones

in other words, fringed one in
other words, would not let
give up on their way home
in other words, fortified
walls of feathers
in other words, a river cries
all necessity
in other words shall be exposed to times
boat loaded with directions
in other words, the wind receives
us brave & bare
in other words we shall lay exposed breaths we call the night here in other
words scattering signs above the fires
in other words
the bed
is hungry
for us again
in other words, you learn still to go, then