004.2: Molly Bendall & John O'Brien:: Charting the Raft 004

This verbal and visual collaboration between Molly Bendall & John O'Brien claims a spatiality of meaning. Bendall's verse is "strewn now" about O'Brien's underlying expansive landscape sketches. By placing words over maps, the words must be seen in a spatial arrangement as each letter and word corresponds to the location it covers. We are left asking: What are the borders between the words and the visuals? We recognize the words as words, but that line between word and visual is blurred. Words can be a guide towards meaning in the same way that maps can be a guide toward a location. The word and map by themselves do not indicate meaning or location. Each is just varying gradations of gray and black on a white page. The reader or viewer takes these raw elements—marks on a page—and turns them into a space of meaning. Andrew Wessels

Charting the Raft